595 Camera Strap – Opinion

This is going to be an odd one for me as firstly; this is not a second hand product, and secondly; I don’t tend to promote things that I’ve bought unless they’re a camera on lens. I bought a very nice camera strap from 595 Strap co and have been using it on my Olympus OM-1,now I never normally care what kind of strap I use for a camera as I very rarely actually use them for their purpose and have tons of cheap ones just lying about. This though, is an exception to the rule.


I thought I’d splash out a little and get myself something nice so purchased a HL Quick Release Camera Strap from 595 and think it was a very smart decision. It’s feels very high quality, strong and secure, is very comfortable which can be a problem sometimes with leather goods cutting into your skin and best of all….it smells very nice. It has a proper leather smell, like a new pair of expensive shoes or gloves, I genuinely think it’s the best thing I’ve smelt in ages.


I think it looks really nice paired up with my OM-1, I specifically selected the brown leather with blue stitching to go along with my OM-1’s leatherette covering (the custom job I got for myself previously).


The quick release straps are great too, sturdy but not fiddly if you want to remove the strap at a moments notice. In all I think this is one of the best accessories for a camera I’ve bought in a long time, hence the rave review from myself here.



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