Project 52: Week 53; Bonus Round – My Choice

So as I suggested last week I might return to my 52 week project for a bonus 53rd week, and low and behold I have. I thought that as there isn’t a specific brief or theme for this week then I would go for whatever the hell I wanted, so that’s what I’ve done. Below is a landscape shot that I actually did shoot during this 53rd week, stood at sunset on Caerphilly Mountain looking down into the valleys below. I love the fact I was able to capture the rolling early evening fog condensing in the valley, it’s lie looking down on a calm sea. I really love the colours of the sunset light poking out underneath the heavy cloud as well. Finally I really like the lines created by the pathway bisecting diagonally across the image as well, leading your eye towards the misty valley.DSC_0007.jpg Nikon D5200, Sigma 10-20mm EX DC, ND Grad 0.3, ISO 160, f8, 1/6th Sec


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