New Year Photography Resolutions

OK so at the end of last year I wrote a post about making some resolutions for the New Year specifically with regards to my photography, I think it was pretty successful and made me strive to become better (whether or not I actually did become better is open for debate of course). Now in my end of year review post, which came out yesterday if you want to have a nose at it, I discussed last years resolutions and their varying successes and failings so I will not be talking about them here. What we’re going to talk about here are resolutions for the coming ย year, there is no order of preference or importance so make of each one what you will. Lets get down to it.

One – Go to a photo meetup.

Been thinking it would be good for me to develop as a photographer to be able to meet other people with a similar interest, talk, discuss, see other’s work, show mine, take criticism/advance etc. You know the drill. I have actually signed up to a street photography walk around at some point in either January or February so that kinda counts, the fact I can’t remember when it is isn’t helpful however.

Two – Visit some exhibitions.

This is something I haven’t done for a while, so it’s more of a “visit more” than start visiting. I don’t live in a huge city so there is limited scope for this, but there are some great exhibitions that come up that I can never find the time to go to, this I think I’ll try to change.

Three – Home develop.

I know, astoundingly for someone who loves film so much I have never developed my own, this will be changing. I want to try it out, see the results, post the results, talk about the experience. I’ll still be sending off a lot to a lab to develop, because the one I use is so good at what they do, but I want to give this a try myself as well.

Four – (Semi) Professionalise the blog/website.

I think this blog has grown from just a place where I post a couple of photographs I’ve created every week or so into something a lot bigger (again thanks in part to the number of people who seem to like what I do) so I’m thinking, not taking the plunge and leaving my job or what not, but a slightly more clean and fresh, slick, pro look to this blog/website will give it a helping hand in the direction it’s been going. Which leads me onto my next point.

Five – Business cards.

Probably a silly idea to call them that but I couldn’t think of a better descriptive term, what I’m thinking is just something I can hand out to people when they either stop me in the street to talk about the camera I’m using or when I take images of people and they want to know where they can see them. There has been occasions where I’ve wished I had something I could just hand to someone and say “here you go, this is my website, have a look if you’re interested”, so I think this may be a good plan.

Six – Sell a print.

I think this one if the most ambitious and will probably be the one I struggle most to do, if in fact I even can. I’m not talking selling a million copies of something and becoming world renowned, I mean printing a limited run of a few select images, putting the word out there that they’re available and then seeing if there’s any interest. I mean it can’t hurt to ask if anybody would like a print of any of my images can it? If it doesn’t come off, well then I have a few gifts I can give to friends and family.

So there we have it, what do you think? I think they’re quite a bit more ambitious than the resolutions I made last year and some of them I’m quite excited by the prospect of. I hope you all had a great New Year and let me know in the comments your thoughts.


      1. I think I’d like to scan my own negatives in 2017. And I think I’d like to shoot more of the cameras and lenses from my collection rather than adding many more new cameras this year. And there’s an off chance I might start processing my own b/w film. And I have a project in mind, but my year is packed as it is and I’m not sure I’ll be able to even start it. But having it in mind sure is fun.

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      2. Those are all great, even if you only have time to get around to doing one of them you should have a great time. Shooting the cameras already in your collection sounds like the easiest, well I guess it depends how bad your gear acquisition syndrome is, if anything like me then it’s pretty bad ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Best to you! I had tried to develop my own film, but gave it up as too stressful at this point in my life. Good resolutions! Mine is a 365 project . . . Cheers!


      1. The project idea came from following Fragglerocking . . . she did a month’s theme for a year, and it was great to follow. My first month is corners. It’s more challenging than I thought!

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  2. Can second all of those – No. 1 is do your own D&P. When you do that you feel you have MADE a photograph – not just taken one. But it sure is a challenge. Des.

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