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It’s rare I address you guys, the great public of Internetland, directly but this is something that I want to garner a response for before taking the plunge. You may have seen from my New Years Resolutions post that one of the things I’m planning on trying this year is to sell a print (maybe prints but a single print would do) of some of my work and would be really interested to know if there would be any interest in this at all? The idea I have is making a limited numbered run of an image of two from my medium format work and selling through a link, either through Etsy, Ebay or a similar platform. The way I see it is that if I get some nice prints done by the lab I use for developing my negatives (I have several of their prints on my living room wall, they are excellent quality) and then making them available then the best scenario some people purchase some of my work, the worst scenario I have some gifts to give to friends and family.

So as readers of this blog I put this question to you, would this be something I should do?


  1. Don’t think – just do :). I would even look into stock photography to make a few quid on the side. Why not? The more exposure, the better! Have you had your work shown in a public space before? For instance, at a pop-up art show? Have you entered any foto competitions?


    1. Well I do really want to, I think I just needed to ask the question as I’m concerned I’d be wasting my time 🙂 I’ve tried stock photography actually but there’s so many similar images out there that I don’t think It’d be succesful for me. I’ve never had my work exhibited actually, I should probably look into something like that as that would be good exposure. Competitions-wise I have but never got anywhere, perhaps I’m entering the wrong ones for my style?


      1. By trying to put yourself out there is never a waste of time. We just have to continue trying in various ways, even if it takes a bit of time. I’ve only started to look at competitions and would expect there are a lot of submissions. Perhaps with this, it takes a bit of luck and study of what is being submitted to see if you can deviate away from that. You could certainly try selling your fotos – they are quite good! I especially liked your recent fotos of the pier. Very much fine art! People are always looking for something “cool” to put up in their home. Perhaps you can focus on the subject that you’re most passionate about shooting and continue to improve on that? There is a site that came in contact with me called They are based in Switzerland but it appears to be a site where photographers can sell their fotos. Etsy is good too because you find many artists selling their wares and it is a community of sorts really. Networking on LinkedIn might also help – posting your portfolio and connecting with other photographers and those in the business. Just keep at it and something will transpire :).

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    1. Not particular yet, although they will likely be from my medium format portfolio, landscape. Could be anything I’ve posted on here in that series of images or some of the one’s I’m yet to post.

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      1. I too am thinking of having some prints made, not necessarily for sale though. I’ve got my drum scans and am struggling to find the time for a proper editing session! I’d like to hear more about your progress.

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