A Parade Of Strangers – Eduardo Pavez Goye

Lets delve again into my collection of books (my girlfriend says I have too many, but can you really have too many books?), specifically photography books. This time we have a limited run book by photographer and You Tube Vlogger Eduardo Pavez Goye, I say limited run as he sold it through Etsy on a print run of only 50 copies, of which I managed to get hold of a copy after pouncing on it as soon as could, it sold out very quickly.


Parade Of Strangers is a collection of images taken during August of 2016 when the photographer shot a roll of Fomapan 100 film everyday with his Mamiya C330 for a thirty day period, the result is this 38 page little gem that’s a great slice of British life. The vast majority of the images are accompanied by a small description of what is going on, who is in the photo or what the situation was at the time it was taken, they’re short and snappy but add to each image they accompany. All of the images are beautiful but they’re are a few that stand out hugely to me, firstly an image of a man and woman sat on a bench facing each other next to a river on a bright day, the composition is just great and the light clouds in the sky look wonderful. Secondly a image of an ice cream seller at the seafront in Hastings, both for how quaint the outfit and ice cream bicycle look, like a throwback to a Britain that used to exist and for the fantastic pun of “William The Conequeror’s Ice Cream” written along the side of the thing. And thirdly an image of an Islamic woman at a cash point while a woman dressed completely differently in full running gear jogs behind her, an image of the country I live in that feels very modern.

My copy includes a lovely handwritten note in the front from Eduardo to myself, as you could request this at the pay screen of the website, if there’s one thing that I like about purchasing limited edition’s of things it’s having these small personal sections included. It also came with the folded out box that one of the rolls of film he used to shoot with came in, mine has a number “14” written in marker on it, I assume as this was roll 14 of the 30 rolls he used, again not something big but personal and really quite cool. If he ever does a second run of this book I’d highly recommend getting hold of a copy, but in the meantime you can check him out on his youtube channel here.

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