So I posted this image to my twitter feed earlier, thought I’d post it here too. This is the current stock of film I have in my fridge, there’s more film than food there at the moment.


So what have we got? Well from top left and going round clockwise;

  • Kodak Ektar 100 in 120 format- up until Autumn last year I’d never shot Ektar (that was one of my guilty confessions), nowadays it’s one of my go to films for medium format. It just has a lovely classic look to it that just seems to work well with the landscape work I tend to do with medium format.
  • Agfa Vista Plus 200 35mm- Ah the old Poundland special film, if you live int eh UK you’ll likely be well aware this film costs a single of her majesty’s pound’s in the shop Poundland, if you are not UK based now you know. That’s about the only thing going for it really, it’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it does the job, but if someone was selling it for more I’d probably buy something else.
  • Lomography Lady Grey B&W ISO 400 35mm- I haven’t yet used this, well I say that what I mean is I am currently shooting a roll of it and haven’t finished it yet. My girlfriend works in a pharmacy store, a well known high street one hint hint, that happens to sell film and had a ton of this and the other Lomo colour film (that you can see also) being sold off on the cheap. Naturally she snapped it all up for me to buy for around a third it’s original cost. woohoo.
  • Fomapan Classic 100 B&W  35mm – Many of you are probably aware of the Czech film Foma as it’s an excellent value black and white film, it’s certainly not my favourite, but it is a very good substitute for the more expensive brands.
  • Ilford FP4 125 35mm and further to the left in 120mm also – This is my favourite black and white film of all time, it just looks wonderful, full of contrast and tonal range. I’ve only shot one roll of it 120mm and it came out great but I’ve shot a lo of it 35mm and it has always come out looking fantastic.
  • Fuji Pro 400H 35mm – I bought this 5 pack as I have a number of weddings coming up over the next few months and one thing I learnt from the last two weddings I took pictures at last year is this, Fuji Pro 400H is my go to film for them. It has an excellent professional look to the images and the 400 ISO speed make it a nice all rounder for a wedding, I’d say it’s my favourite colour film (in 35mm anyway) but unfortunately it costs an absolute fortune per roll.
  • Lomography Color 400 ISO 35mm- Another ton of film that was bought for me on the cheap by my girlfriend, thank you very much, but one I have used a bit before. Anyone who’s seen my images of my work Christmas parties will have seen this stuff, it performs surprisingly well in low light, I was genuinely impressed with it, and as such I snapped up the chance to buy, well what’s that there 12 rolls plus the one’s I’ve already used?
  • Fuji Instax Wide- Yes I have an Instax camera, not that I have posted any of the images I have taken with it on here (yet….). Instax is one of those films that’s a constant frustration to me, it can look so good in the right lighting and so bad so easily, you’ll see when I begin sharing the results from my Instax project that the images are either lovely or duds.
  • What’s missing? – As you can probably tell if you’ve been paying attention to the images I have shot and shared on this blog over the last couple of years there is a big ommission. I am currently out of my favourite 120 format Fuji Pro 160S, because unsurprisingly I like it so much I shoot with it a load.

So what do you think? jealous of my current film stock? Any others you’d recommend I try out?


  1. :>) The food in my fridge is also taking second place to film at the moment. I have some of the Rollei branded films to try out, liking the Superpan 200. Have seen some nice images on the Lomography Color 400.

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  2. Hi
    I´m hooked onto Kodak´s Portra400, I love this film. And i often use other Kodak stuff like the Gold 200 and different Lomography colour film. I haven´t count my fridge´s film stock since two years… I think there should be at least more than 100 rolls 😉
    Greets Peter

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    1. I Love Portra too, I shot a ton of it towards the end of last year and really loved the look it gave. Thanks for reminding me of this post, I forgot I’d made it and my film fridge looks totally different now 🙂 From the sound of it you need to get out and shoot some of your rolls 😛


  3. Definitely, I should shoot more… 😉 But at this time of the year, it´s always easy to find excuses, cause the weather can be very depressing in Winter in Vienna.


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