Gower Beach

All images taken on Agfa Vista 200 with my Canon AE-1 Programme and 50mm lens in the Gower, Wales in March.

1.jpg A weirdly macabre scene, a broken wall and a bunch of sheep bones placed on a nearby bare tree.

2.jpg3.jpg The evening before this exact spot had been at least a few metres below the pounding waves blowing in from the sea.4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg There was plenty of little caves and hidden pools left from the outgoing tide. 7.jpg8.jpg I love the look of the water in this particular image as well as the variety of colours and shapes in the rocks.9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg The path we climbed down is int he centre of the image, not exactly wheelchair accessible. 13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg I love this image, this is my girlfriend walking off along the beach, the rocky outcrop to the left and the curving eaten away sand from the stream flowing down the beach adding to the foreground and the waves crashing in the distance.16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg We found an octopus hiding beneath a rock in a shallow pool, trapped by the outgoing tide. Was fascinating to watch it change colour in front of us to blend in with its surroundings.19.jpg These shells were everywhere, incredible how colourful something as plain coloured as shades of brown can be.20.jpg21.jpg22.jpg Another stranded sea creature, this time a tiny starfish.23.jpg24.jpg Time to head back.25.jpg

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