My First Attempt To Sell My Images

If you’ll forgive the blatant and flagrant self promotional nature of this post but I’ve finally decided to probe the interest in my photography and also try and achieve one of the New Year Resolutions I set for myself way back in January and actually try and sell some of my images. 

With that said I’ve put up a limited run of prints of some images I’ve taken, landscape and medium format since that seems to be the work of mine most people like through Etsy and they’re available to buy. They’re not too expensive (I hope because I am literally going to make zero money on these) and available now, so if you’ve ever visited this site and liked my images enough that you’d actually want to own an original copy of one then now is your chance.

Links are below to the first two images I’ve had printed;

Clouds & Water Print.

Clouds And Water F16 250th Sec.jpg

Sunset Water Print.

Sunset Beach f4 125th.jpg

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