Medium Format: One Hundred And Twenty Five

Beach f4 125th.jpg Zenza Bronica S2a, Fuji Pro 160s, f4, 1/125th sec.

I realised when I was creating this post that I have a pretty ridiculous amount of medium format imagery that I haven’t shared yet (specifically at least 13 rolls worth, plus another 4 minimum that are yet to be developed), and that I may perhaps need to start catching up with the backlog. To that effect I’m going to start posting up a hell of  a lot more in this series, if only to reach a point where the images I’m sharing aren’t months (in some cases almost a year) behind. The image above is from march this year, so only about five months out, not too bad compared to some.

I’ve been posting a lot more regularly on Instagram, in fact it’s mostly daily images, if you would like to check out some more recent stuff over there.

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