Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 113

Welcome to another edition of my street photography take on digital with my Olympus OMD EM5 on the streets of my home city Cardiff. Hope you enjoy and comment away if you like as well.

P5020037.jpg 25mm, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/1000th sec.

P5020043.jpg 25mm, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/160th sec.

P5090049.jpg 25mm, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/500th sec.

P5090050.jpg 25mm, ISO 200, f5.6, 1/800th sec.

P5090052.jpg 25mm, ISO 250, f5.6, 1/160th sec.

Any of my images can be purchased either through here or if you see one you like just drop me a messaged.

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