2017 Review

Hello Everyone out there in Internet Land, new and old followers, first timers and old hats, I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and or whatever non denominational or different religious based festival that may have at this time of year. As is becoming tradition, or as has been done for the past two years on this blog, it’s time for my review of my year. As last year as well apologies if anything on here has been overtaken by events as I’m writing this up a few weeks before it’s due to be posted, Christmas is obviously a busy time.

10 Self Portrait f3.5 8th sec.jpg

Once again a big thank you to new followers and old of this blog, at current count that’s 601 people (last year at this same time it was it was 448 and the year before 175 so I must be doing something right. Or maybe everyone has the same brain illness that causes them to like my images inexplicably? Either way thank you to you all for taking the time to follow, like, comment, even share this with people, it means a lot knowing people actually like something that I can create.

Last year I used this post to talk about what I’d done and where I’d been in the year, so that sounds like a good thing to do again. This year I’ve travelled to three countries, Hungary, Germany and Italy. Hungary was a trip with my girlfriend to Budapest, a beautiful city, of which you can find the beginning of some of the images here if you want to see some of the ones taken on film, or here if you’d like to see some taken on the streets of the city. Germany was a stag weekend to Munich for my friend, some of those images can be found here although I’ll admit they are mostly silly ones. And Italy was the big one, an eighteen day trip around the country, starting in Torino and finishing in Roma. So far their are limited images available as I have only had a few of the 35 rolls of film I shot developed and also I pan on showing off a lot of the images in a zine I am currently writing/creating (more news on that later). Some images of Italy are available here and here, but if you want to see some of the film images taken on medium format the best place is my Instagram where I’ve been sharing some recently. I went to an awful lot of weddings, A LOT, some I was a guest, one I was the best man, images for those an be found here, here and here. I’ve shot a lot of street photography and a ridiculous amount of medium format, to the point that an article Jim Grey ran mentioned this site and then subsequently ended up being re-blogged on PetaPixel (thank you Jim as I still get the odd click through from that article to here). I have also shot a number of personal projects, one I finished off and then wasn’t too keen to keep sharing the images from, another I haven’t quite finished/haven’t decided I have finished and hasn’t seen the light of day yet. Anyway I am sure there is plenty of other things I have done, posted, shared and experienced that I have forgotten but feel free to have a browse back through the archives, maybe you’ll find something you like in there.

So then let’s get onto the crux of this post, what happened with the New Year’s resolutions I set myself? Some of you may remember I set myself six at the beginning of the year, some have been more successful than others and one has been very good for me in how it’s turned out. So let’s talk about them.

Number One – Go to a photo meetup.

I’m going to cheat and say I did do this because I went on a street photography workshop in February, got to play around with some snazzy Panasonic cameras and learn a few things and I guess it involved meeting up with some people. I guess you can also say me meeting up with two people in Italy to hang out and discuss photography could be considered a photo meetup as well so I’m classing this one as done.

Two – Visit some exhibitions.

Yeah of course I’ve done this, it’s not hard really so I’m not sure why I set it as a resolution, unless it was to encourage me to get more inspiration from others work? One I did visit that stuck out was an exhibition of David Hurn’s swapped images with other photographers that was in the National Museum in Cardiff, some of the names included in the list of work on the wall in there was incredible.

Three – Home develop.

Um yeah, this didn’t happen……whoops. Maybe next year?

Four – (Semi) Professionalise the blog/website.

Perhaps this happened? I mean I changed the look of the blog, it has it’s own domain name rather than the whole “WordPress/…..etc etc” and I guess it looks better than it used to. Doesn’t it?

Five – Business cards.

Ah the silly idea, I did actually design some and printed up a load, the idea being because I am often asked by people when I’m out shooting with an old camera what it is and what I do and where you can buy film etc. Funny thing is since I went and did this I haven’t had anyone come up to me and ask, doh!

Six – Sell a print.

AH HA! The big one! Yes this was my idea, actually trick someone into paying me for a print of one of my images, and it worked. Not only did I sell one, I sold a few, granted I have quite a few left from the original print run I did but it led quite quickly to a few people who didn’t like those prints asking if they could have a print of a different image of mine instead. Result. Which by the way, shameless plug here, if you want to buy a print you can do through my Etsy store here, or just drop me a message if you see one of my images you like that I haven’t currently got for sale on there.

So there we have it, 2017 for me and this site. I’ll be writing up a resolutions for 2018 post shortly so keep an eye out for that and what the next year is, hopefully, going to turn into. Have a Good New Year everyone.

The 6 Million P Man

Ed Worthington

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