Un Giro D’Italia – Parte Sei

Welcome to Part six of the diary of my travels around Italy back in November 2017, you can find all other entries using the link on the right side of this page. As always all the images below are shot on my Olympus OM-1, the film stock for these images was Agfa Vista 200. Enjoy.


I think there’s only one word that describes the train journey from Genova to Lucca on my seventh day in Italy. Eventful. I caught a train from Genova Brignole to Viareggio and then caught one from Viareggio to Lucca, or that was the plan. Unfortunately for me the train decided that, despite Lucca being one of the larger towns that it was due to stop at, that it would just go straight past it. Now my geography on Italy is ok, not brilliant but enough to know that once I had got two stops further down the line to some place called Pescia that Lucca was now the wrong direction to where I was travelling. So I got off, waited for half hour for a train going back in the direction of Viareggio, got on that and then ended up in Lucca around an hour later than I had planned on being there. I learned two things from this experience, firstly; never, ever tell anyone on Twitter just how great Italian trains are just before a nightmare like this unfolds, and secondly; I never want to go to Pescia again.





Thankfully because I micromanage the shit out of anything I do when it comes to travelling, well at least when it comes to accommodation and trains/transport, and have a worrying obsession with never being late for anything (ask my girlfriend about that part of my personality), I’d arranged to meet my air bnb host with more than enough time to spare for this little incident. As it so happened I got to the front door of the building I was going to be staying in at the exact moment he arrived with the key.






The apartment I was staying in was really, over the top nice especially after the last week of staying in shared rooms in hostels. So nice in fact that I almost regretted that I was only going to be here for a little over 24 hours before heading to Firenze the next day. This is due to me learning a lesson when I visited Pisa, that place is a day trip town at best, and I’d been told Lucca was similar, nice to visit but not a lot to do if you stay longer than a few days. I still wished I’d been here a few days longer, I made myself a promise to come back to Lucca again and see more of it because it is beautiful! I took a late afternoon walk along the medieval wall that encircles the town and is now a huge park, shot two rolls of film in under 2 hours and watched the sun set over the Tuscan hillside in the distance.











I think I made a very smart choice in visting Lucca in the Autumn, the weather was great and the colour palette of the trees and town was perfect for taking photos.





If you’d like to see more images I took of this particular trip around Italy you can purchase a copy of my photo zine “Uno Giro d’Italia” (yes I am aware of the grammatical error, doh) through my Etsy store. Alternatively if you would like a print of any of my images then drop me a message through the contact page on this site.


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