Un Giro D’Italia – Parte Sette

Welcome to part seven of my diary of my trip around Italy back in November last year, this entry covers a few days as the amount of colour photo I took was limited and also because I’ve realised it’s taking me bloody ages to share all of this with you people out there in internet land. As usual if you’d like to see more of my images I published a photo zine of images that can be purchased through my Etsy Store here. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


I awoke to the sound of a bustling flea market right outside my door in Lucca, this meant two things; Firstly a great opportunity to wander about and snap away taking images of various people and interesting looking items. Secondly the disappointment of not being able to buy anything cool as I had no room in my luggage. As my train to Firenze was not until mid afternoon I spent a leisurely morning wandering around, checking out the various stalls, hugging the light as the shade was pretty chilly, having a relaxing coffee in a square and generally just enjoying life. I didn’t shoot any colour film that day, hence the black and white image above, but I did sketch out a few things while I was relaxing. Warning to everyone, I am no artist and these are bad, I’ll stick with photography I think.



The train journey was good, I mean it couldn’t be any worse than the one from Viareggio that went past the station in Lucca since Firenze was the final stop and my destination this time around, but what I mean is that the scenery of the Tuscan countryside made it a very pleasant journey. I made it to Firenze in the early evening and discovered a few things about the apartment I would be staying in; It was up a million flights of stairs (exercise time) and it was the hottest room I have ever been in, there was no control to turn off or down the heating, thank God it was November and I could open a window to let some air in. Unfortunately opening a window led to another problem, there was a bar opposite in the street and apparently noise pollution is not something the Florentine’s care about. I have never heard music being blasted out louder by anywhere else that was so empty, I went to check it out a day or so later and I was genuinely the only person in there being deafened while watching football on the tv. Let’s just put it this way, for my first night in Firenze, I slept very little.


The next day I wrote in my diary “boring day so far as I’m tired”, I think that pretty much sums up my first full day in Firenze. The problem with travelling the way I had is that I had enough clean clothes to last about ten days, and with this being day nine I need to do boring things like washing and buying food. Who said travelling was glamorous? Luckily as the heating was like being in one the seven circles of Hell any washing I did do dried incredibly quickly, freeing me up in the afternoon to do a little sightseeing and a little street photography. I spent the afternoon shooting the roll of Ferrania P30 that I’d been saving for this occasion and then visited a photography store to buy some more medium format film as I was getting dangerously close to running out when only half way through the trip (spoiler alert it cost a fortune). I carried out a good deed for the day, helping a lost American tourist find the ticket office so that she could climb the Campanile and later on I booked myself a train ticket to Prato for a day trip. Like I said, a “boring day”.

The evening was spent not doing an awful lot, the lack of sleep the night before had really wiped me out and as I had a place I could make my own food I decided perhaps I’d save some money and make my own dinner. The next day I’d head to Prato for a look around at a stupidly early time of the morning, I would learn just how stupid the next day.

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