Month: April 2018

Street Photography Italia 14

Welcome to another selection of images taken on the streets of Italy, this lot are from Torino and taken on Ilford FP4 125 with my Olympus OM-1.

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Street Photography Italia 13

Here’s some more images taken on the streets of Italy last year when I traveled around the country. These are all taken in Torino on Ilford FP4 125 using my Olympus OM-1.

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Coast – My Second Zine

Hey everybody, as you may or may not be aware I published a zine at the beginning of the year that showed off various photos I’d taken while I travelled around Italy last November (If you don’t know then check out this here). I have now produced a second zine that is of images taken a lot closer to home, I give you “Coast”.

IMG_20180411_201838481.jpg (more…)