PhotoKlassik International Magazine – A Short Overview

So looks like there’s a new analogue photography based magazine about in the wild. I thought I’d write a little thing about this, firstly because I actually Kickstartered (is that a verb?) this and secondly because I really have loved the resulting magazine that came through my door last week.


Forgive the background rug as it was the flattest and most neutral surface I had available to take a photo.

You may or may not have already heard about Photoklassik International, it was after all an incredibly successful Kickstarter in the whole analogue photography scene, raising somewhere in the region of 300% of their target to publish a quarterly photography magazine based on the already very successful German language magazine of Photoklassik. As I already have said, I backed the Kickstarter pretty much as soon as I heard about it as I was genuinely excited to see something like this attempting to come to the market. And lets just say, I have not been disappointed at all with the result that dropped through my letterbox.

Firstly I’ve not really been referring to it as a magazine at all, the print quality and feel of it make me view it more as journal or even a small book, something I’ll keep and file away along with my photobook’s, zine’s and other literature rather than read through and then chuck in the recycling in a few weeks time. It really does feel quite hefty, being pritned on some pretty nice and genuinely good quality paper. Something very important considering the price.  It’s also pretty big, around 130 pages and the vast majority of these being devoted to articles, images and actual magazine paraphernalia. Yes there are adverts, as you would expect of any print publication, but there’s not a ridiculous amount and it certainly doesn’t have the feel of browsing a catalogue that you get with most other magazines nowadays (I remember a particular magazine my girlfriend used to buy that seriously had 30 pages of adverts, yes I counted, before it even got to the contents page!).

Obviously the price is a little bit of a sticking point I can imagine for some, with the first issue costing anything between 22-26 Euro depending on the shipping requirements it’s definitely not cheap. BUT I will admit, I was not looking for cheap when I backed this. This is feels quite a bit like one of those things where you get exactly what you pay for, a premium price for a premium product. Plus when you remember this is going to be quarterly that price does compare not too badly with other monthly or even weekly subscriptions of similar magazines.

Anyway I wouldn’t want to spoil for anyone who hasn’t purchased a copy by going into too much detail on the actual content, but I will say that this is very well balanced and exactly what I was hoping to get, a nice selection of articles on technique, artist bio’s and portfolio’s as well as interview’s with leading figure’s of the community (think Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter et al) as well as news about the analogue photography world. Yes that does feel odd writing that, who’d have thought a few years ago we’d be talking about news in about analogue photography and film in general in a positive light?

PhotoKlassik International really is a great read and as I said earlier, much more like a journal or book that you’ll come back to again and again than a magazine you throw away after a single read. I took out the first year subscription option when I purchased my copy and after receiving the first issue I would definitely recommend it. If you do want to purchase a copy you can get hold of it through the official sales channel here.

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