Un Giro D’Italia – Parte Due: A New Zine By Me

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll probably know that I have a thing about Italy and taking a lot of photograph’s every time I visit there, you may also be aware that I have made a few zine’s this year of my work. Well this is the fourth of 2018 and it’s available now.


So this is a follow up to my very first zine “Uno (yes I know that’s spelled wrong) Giro D’Italia”, hence why it’s called “Parte Due” and also hence why this time I actually used the correct word of “Un” instead of “Uno”. I apologise to every Italian who has ever read anything I have written in their language.

So yeah the zine is 30 pages of images I took in Milano, Bologna and Modena in October of this year on a mixture of Kodak Portra 400, Ektar and Cinestill 800T with my Yashica D, it’s printed on some nice paper (well i think it is anyway) and it’s free postage anywhere in the world. So if you’d like a copy well head over to my Etsy store here.


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