Hello new followers and old, readers and browsers, people who know who I am and people who haven’t a clue and have just stumbled across this. As usual I thought I’d write a short piece about the last year in my photography as opposed to my usual “here is a photo, what do you think?” kind of post. For the first time I am actually writing this as it is about to go live, usually I write up a few weeks in advance and then apologise because nothing is relevant anymore, but not this time. I am currently off work (my day job, no i am not an actual “paid for” photographer) taking antibiotics for an infection and since I have the spare time I can write this now. Anyway, let’s get down to it, my 2018 review.

Self Portrait f3.5 4th sec.jpg.jpg

As always thank you to everyone who follows this website and checks out my images, that’s 654 of you according to WordPress although I’m sure more than that number regularly check this place out as well. I post a ton on Instagram nowadays as well which you may or may not know about, and as such this site has been a little more sporadic of late with content. I do find Instagram easier and better for getting my images out there but this place is still going to have content featured as well as I can’t write long pieces like this there. Plus it’s got my own domain name, which is nice.

As always I travelled to quite a few places this year and took a multitude of cameras and film stock’s along with me, for example me and my girlfriend spent a few days in the Dutch Capital of Amsterdam across the Summer and I shot some 35mm which you can find here (which I found out I had a major problem with my Olympus OM-1, hence why some of the images are weirdly half exposed) and also a lot of Polaroid which you can find here. And then at the end of October i spent a week travelling around Italy (specifically Milano, Bologna and Modena) for the second time in two years (I have plans to visit again in the New Year, yes it’s becoming an annual solo trip for me), some of the images are up but others will be following over the next few months pretty regularly too here. I also visited the Romanian capital of Bucharest but that was more of a fun stag do thing and didn’t involve really any photography so i haven’t shared any of that on here.

2018 was a big year for me in terms of creating/publishing actual physical work. I published four zine’s across the year, for those of you that don’t know what a “zine” is, it’s basically a small self published booklet of your own work usually done in small batches. I put out four, the first “Uno Giro D’Italia” (which I spelled incorrectly like an idiot) was a 30 page booklet that featured images I had taken on medium format around Italy in the Autumn of 2017 and I sold all 25 copies, hoorah for me. The second “Coast” was another 30 page booklet but this time featuring images a lot closer to home shot around the Welsh coastline. Thirdly I put out one featuring the Polaroids I shot while in Amsterdam called “Instant Amsterdam“, this was not quite as successful as the last two and then finally in the last few weeks I have finished and released my fourth and final zine of the year “Un Giro D’Italia: Parte Due” which features images taken on my most recent travels around Italy. If you’d like a copy of any of these then check out my Etsy Store, both “Coast” and “Un Giro D’Italia: Parte Due” have copies remaining, and if you want a copy of “instant Amsterdam” then drop me a message as although it isn’t for general sale I do have copies of it in my house.

Probably the biggest thing that happened to me this year photographically, and personally, was getting the opportunity to have my images and words published in a real publication. This is the bit most of you are probably aware of as I was so excited about it, I managed to get myself into the most recent issue of Let’s Explore Magazine. I still am a little confused why Kilian thought my story and images were good enough to feature in his wonderful magazine but was and am still over the moon about the fact he did, especially when you consider the quality of the work other people produced for it as well. This was the first time that I genuinely felt like my photograph’s meant something to someone other than me and has given me a huge boost in confidence for the coming year of what more I can do. Incidentally I can’t recommend highly enough buying a copy of the magazine here as it is just a beautiful piece of literature and feels much more like a quality book than a magazine, I have both the copy I feature in and the previous issue and the photograph’s and stories within are inspiring to say the least.

And the final piece of news of my year in photography involves something I kind of stumbled into unexpectedly. I went along to a meet up of other like minded photographers here in Cardiff back in November, just for a chat, to hang out and shoot some images and have somehow ended up becoming quite heavily involved on an admin level. The group is called Cardiff Shooters, which you can find the Instagram page here, there will be a website coming soon too, and it’s basically just a collective of like minded people who just like to take photo’s and meet up with new people. Our next meet up is 5th January so if by any slim chance you’re reading this and live in the vicinity of South Wales and fancy popping along then drop me a message for some details.

So, lastly let’s talk about those photographic new year’s resolutions I made at the start of the year here. I think it’s safe to say I’ve probably messed most of them up.

Number One – Develop my own film.

Yeah this didn’t happen. basically my plan to nail this on the head involved the Lab Box easy development kit I had backed on Kickstarter and was due to be released sometime in Spring or Summer of 2018…..well it ended up getting put back and still isn’t out as I write this. This will likely happen very soon so this resolution can be crossed off then but for now it’s a big failure on my part.

Number Two – Create a Zine of my work

BOOM! nailed this one. In fact I released four (as mentioned above), two of which are still available to buy through my Etsy Store AND I think I’ll give myself a huge pat on the back for being published in someone else’s work as well with Let’s Explore magazine. This one was passed with flying colours.

Number Three – Try Large Format

And this one didn’t happen either, I am so still wanting to do this but it will involve having to purchase a new camera and as my current priority it getting my medium format Bronica fixed (yes it broke and jammed it’s shutter open a few months ago) first it was put on the backburner. Plus the whole home developing thing really has to start before I start dabbling around with negatives the size of my head.

So there we have it, 2018 for me photographically in a nutshell. Hopefully you enjoyed my images this year and will continue to do so in the next year as well, remember I post on my Instagram pretty much daily so go check em out there too and if you like my images and want a print or a zine well then let me know or check out the Etsy Store, seriously I have loads of copies of “Un Giro D’Italia: Parte Due” there and the photo’s are REALLY nice.

In the meantime I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a lovely New Year.

The 6 Million P Man

Ed Worthington


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