Month: July 2020

New Film photographers ahoy

Hello everyone.

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything here, mainly because I actually have a real website that can be viewed here and don;t actually use this site anymore…..HOWEVER.

I realised quite a few people do still visit here and that’s how they end up at my new website and that means quite a lot of people DO still look here.

So this was probably a good place to advertise something.

The good people at Analogue Wonderland have come up with something that although it may not be aimed at me, or even you, it’s aimed at people who either are just starting in film photography or want to give it a go and don’t know what anything means or what to do.

They’ve written a pretty comprehensive, although not remotely confusing, guide here that covers a lot of the basics. Alongside a load of really informative videos as well that can be found on their Youtube.

I’m gonna say now, I’m not being be paid or anything I just think this is really incredibly useful and something I would’ve killed for when I first picked up my Nikon FM ages ago. So if you know anyone who wants to pick up an old 35mm and give a go and doesn’t know what to do, send them towards this. it’s really good.