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New Film photographers ahoy

Hello everyone.

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything here, mainly because I actually have a real website that can be viewed here and don;t actually use this site anymore…..HOWEVER.

I realised quite a few people do still visit here and that’s how they end up at my new website and that means quite a lot of people DO still look here.

So this was probably a good place to advertise something.

The good people at Analogue Wonderland have come up with something that although it may not be aimed at me, or even you, it’s aimed at people who either are just starting in film photography or want to give it a go and don’t know what anything means or what to do.

They’ve written a pretty comprehensive, although not remotely confusing, guide here that covers a lot of the basics. Alongside a load of really informative videos as well that can be found on their Youtube.

I’m gonna say now, I’m not being be paid or anything I just think this is really incredibly useful and something I would’ve killed for when I first picked up my Nikon FM ages ago. So if you know anyone who wants to pick up an old 35mm and give a go and doesn’t know what to do, send them towards this. it’s really good.


Hello new followers and old, readers and browsers, people who know who I am and people who haven’t a clue and have just stumbled across this. As usual I thought I’d write a short piece about the last year in my photography as opposed to my usual “here is a photo, what do you think?” kind of post. For the first time I am actually writing this as it is about to go live, usually I write up a few weeks in advance and then apologise because nothing is relevant anymore, but not this time. I am currently off work (my day job, no i am not an actual “paid for” photographer) taking antibiotics for an infection and since I have the spare time I can write this now. Anyway, let’s get down to it, my 2018 review.

Self Portrait f3.5 4th sec.jpg.jpg (more…)

2017 Review

Hello Everyone out there in Internet Land, new and old followers, first timers and old hats, I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and or whatever non denominational or different religious based festival that may have at this time of year. As is becoming tradition, or as has been done for the past two years on this blog, it’s time for my review of my year. As last year as well apologies if anything on here has been overtaken by events as I’m writing this up a few weeks before it’s due to be posted, Christmas is obviously a busy time.

10 Self Portrait f3.5 8th sec.jpg


Shoot Film UK’s Open Call Submission (a favour to ask you all)

So this is a favour I’m going to ask a few of you. I have submitted a couple of images into the open call for Shoot Film UK’s 4th zine publication, as it’s an open theme and I can submit anything I like.

I’d like to ask if any of you guys who regularly read/view my posts would mind liking the images I have entered, that way it makes it much more likely they will be included in the printed publication and not just online?

If you would like to help me out just follow the links below and hit the like, share with your friends and ask them to like too, whatever you want. I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys.

First Image Here.

Second Image Here.

First Attempt With Slide Film


I’ve been holding off on posting this for some time, the roll was finished in time for the final week of but me being an imbecile and massively underestimating how long it takes to get slide film developed, and then for some insane reason deciding to actually get mounted slides made also, I missed the deadline for posting my entries by a solid 2 and a half weeks. Perhaps I’ve been hiding these away to cover my shame at not being able to enter the final week, or perhaps it’s just because I’ve been busy and haven’t had the time to sit down and write an actual article on this blog (something I haven’t done properly for some time), but the images have been languishing away on my desk and not seen the light of day. Until now. So hello all and welcome to The 6 Million P Man’s first foray into shooting colour positive slide reversal film. (more…)

Street Photography Workshop

At the start of the month I attended a street photography workshop that was being run by Jessops and Panasonic, I’m going to count it as being able to cross off my resolutions list as attending a photo meet up as essentially that’s what it was, a load of camera geeks in a room talking shop and playing with toys before heading out and using them in the real world. The workshop was taken by Damien Demolder, who was excellent, the right level of fun and informative you need from such a situation. (more…)

Question To Followers

It’s rare I address you guys, the great public of Internetland, directly but this is something that I want to garner a response for before taking the plunge. You may have seen from my New Years Resolutions post that one of the things I’m planning on trying this year is to sell a print (maybe prints but a single print would do) of some of my work and would be really interested to know if there would be any interest in this at all? (more…)

Street Photography Set Up – 2017

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done something like this, in fact as this post here suggests it’s been over a year,  and as things have changed and I’ve made adjustments to what equipment I use I thought I’d update you all with what’s in my bag when I go shooting the streets.

DSC_0004.jpg (more…)

New Year Photography Resolutions

OK so at the end of last year I wrote a post about making some resolutions for the New Year specifically with regards to my photography, I think it was pretty successful and made me strive to become better (whether or not I actually did become better is open for debate of course). Now in my end of year review post, which came out yesterday if you want to have a nose at it, I discussed last years resolutions and their varying successes and failings so I will not be talking about them here. What we’re going to talk about here are resolutions for the coming  year, there is no order of preference or importance so make of each one what you will. Lets get down to it. (more…)