Little Update 3

Hello again, you may or may not be aware I am currently in Italy and have been for the past two weeks or so. What you may not be aware of is that I return to the UK in a few days time (Tuesday night to be specific), which is a ‘BOOOOO!’ moment except for the fact that it means I can get back to sharing images on here more regularly (hoorah) and start the laborious process of developing the 25 rolls or so of film that I have taken.

Anyway until I can get that lot developed here’s a few images from the trip that aren’t taken on film, these have been posted on my Instagram already but you may not look at that so here they are again, all are digital and from my Olympus OMD EM5. Enjoy.

P1010162.JPG (more…)


You have to admit, Autumn is the best time of year for photographing contrasting colours, the leaves and trees easily look their best with the array of golds, reds, browns, yellows and the odd still clinging on greens. So with that in mind here are some images taken over the last week around Cardiff, all using my Nikon D5200 and 35mm Nikkor DX 1:1.8 lens.

DSC_0002.jpg ISO 160, f1.8, 1/1600th sec. (more…)