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First Few Image’s From My Olympus Trip

A camera I’ve wanted for a while, not sure why since it’s so basic compared to many of the other’s I have in my collection, perhaps it’s the simplicity of it that attracts me to it? After all it’s got a relatively basic 40mm fixed lens, no coupled rangefinder just zone focussing and no shutter speed selection. Maybe that’s it, simplicity, the idea of just loading a roll of film, firing off 24-36 shots and seeing what comes back without having to think too much.

Below are the first few of the images taken on a roll of Agfa Vista Plus 200, I was quite impressed with them for such a basic camera.

Reservoir Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg (more…)

Some shameless self promotion

In a change from my usual postings of a nice photo (at least i think they’re nice usually) and the ramblings of myself as I describe what I like about it and the settings and camera bits and pieces used to capture said shot, I thought I’d take the time to do a bit of shameless self promotion. Below is a link to my Flickr page, on it is a large selection of photo’s I have taken over the last few years, both film and digital, and I’ve made the assumption that if perhaps you’re reading this blog on a regular basis that maybe you’d have an interest in taking a look. (more…)