Ricoh KR-5: Glamorgan Canal

Finally got around to using the Ricoh KR-5 I’ve had stowed away in a drawer for the best part of a year, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed with the results. This thing cost me £8 on ebay, the body feel’s quite light for an SLR of it’s time, there’s metal in it somewhere but it sure does look and feel mostly plastic. To be honest the reason’s for this are probably because it’s a very basic model, likely entry level, I’d suggest that as there are not many speed settings, the fastest being 1/500 and the slowest being 1/8th. It does have a self timer which works fine and a light-meter which doesn’t. The lens it came with is a Riconar 55mm 1:2.2, so not the fastest of 40-50 ish mm primes you tend to have as standard on camera’s of these type, and it feels very cheap, it practically weighs nothing and like the camera body is very plastic feeling. So perhaps that’s why I’m impressed, it’s cheap and cheerful but seems to do the job nicely if that’s what you’re looking for. Below is a selection of photo’s taken on a roll of Agfa Vista Plus 200, all are at F8 and 1/125th sec.

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Cornish Coastline

You may or may not have noticed how often water or the sea comes up in my photograph’s, I think a lot of us are drawn to water in imagery and the sea gives a powerful look when you realise just how small you are in comparison to nature. Or maybe it’s just because I live in the UK, an island surrounded by the sea on all sides and it’s never far away, so it’s become an easy subject to go back to time and time again.

All these are taken around St Ives in Cornwall last year on my Nikon FM with 28mm Nikkor 1:2.8D lens and Agfa Vista Plus 200 ISO colour film. Rugged Coast Agfa Vista Plus f11 500th F11, 1/500th sec. (more…)

Project 52: An Introduction

As I’ve said before I had a plan for some new series’ on this site, “Project 52” (which I think sound’s cool, although maybe that’s just me) is going to be one of them. Here I’ll Give a short introduction to what is going to be coming up through it.

Project 52, as the name suggests, will be a weekly series of 52 blog posts on a specific photography subject each time. I thought of doing a standard 365 day/photo a day kind of thing but knew that I just wouldn’t have time and would miss out entries so a weekly project seems to make more sense. (more…)

2015 Review

This is being written a good few days before the end of the year as I plan on being either very merry (i.e. with family holding a drink in one hand and a camera in the other) or working and horribly busy as always. So if anything in this post either doesn’t make particular sense or has been overtaken by events then please forgive me. (more…)