New direction…….?

When I first started this blog it was going to be purely a place for me to share the photo’s I’ve taken on film, maybe with a brief description and a way of showing the world something I have found a passion for. Now, that’s probably not what this has developed into, as many people who’ve followed this and read my posts (I counted earlier there’s been 151 of them, that’s an awful lot), a bit more than that. I started putting up some of the photographs I’ve taken with my digital SLR, I started including posts about the lenses and camera’s I use, and thoroughly enjoy using. Recently some of the posts on here have turned into much more than a single image with a brief description and more a montage of related images, almost project-like. And also recently there’s been quite a build up of street photography. (more…)

Some shameless self promotion

In a change from my usual postings of a nice photo (at least i think they’re nice usually) and the ramblings of myself as I describe what I like about it and the settings and camera bits and pieces used to capture said shot, I thought I’d take the time to do a bit of shameless self promotion. Below is a link to my Flickr page, on it is a large selection of photo’s I have taken over the last few years, both film and digital, and I’ve made the assumption that if perhaps you’re reading this blog on a regular basis that maybe you’d have an interest in taking a look. (more…)