Welsh Cliffs

All the following are taken with my Nikon FM, 28mm lens and on Agfa Vista Plus, I love this place, it’s a perfect example of why I love living in Wales, desolate and empty but beautiful landscapes are barely a 40 minute drive away. Greenery, roaring waves, ruined buildings reclaimed by nature and lonely fencing the only signs of mankind, senses overloaded by nature all around. It’s all very dramatic.

Cliff Fence Agfa Vista Plus f8 1000th

f8 1/100th sec. (more…)

Double Cricket

Went to watch Glamorgan play Surrey a couple of weeks ago, Twenty Twenty Cricket is probably the only cricket I can really enjoy, since it’s fast paced and my small feeble brain doesn’t get bored easily. I took along my Nikon FM with a 28mm lens and the below are the results of a mixture of a roll of Fomapan Classic 100 and a film advance level that didn’t quite seem to work as well as it should have, giving accidental double exposures aplenty and some truly weird photos.

Oh and for anyone that’s interested, Glamorgan got pretty comprehensively beat.

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