Berlin On Film – Part Two

Some more from Berlin last month taken on Agfa Vista 200 using my Olympus OM-1 and 50mm 1:1.8 F.Zuiko lens.

8 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg Such an impressive and massive building, one of the thing’s I liked so much about Berlin is how the old seem’s to fit in around the new, it’s so different.

9 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg A closer up image of the tower disappearing into the fog as shown in part one of this series.

10 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg

11 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg The flag of Berlin flying high at the top of this building.

12 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg

13 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg Lovely and grainy when under-exposed indoor’s

14 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg

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