Autumn Pavement

I walk this way everyday on the way to the train station to get to work, in fact the reason you see the road disappear in the distance is because it drops down a hill (the road i actually a bridge over the rail track). This wasn’t taken on my way to work however, my grandparents live about 25 minutes walk this way and back in the Autumn I took my camera along with me as I went to visit them, exactly for taking images such as this.

4.jpg Olympus OM-1, 50mm F.Zuiko 1:1.8, Fomapan Classic 100.

Street Photography – Cardiff Streets 22

Haven’t posted any street photography images taken on film for some time and as I stumbled across a few old scanned images taken with my Leica IIIc the other day I thought I’d share some now, also I have some more from my Olympus OM-1 to share soon too so why not resurrect this series? All the below are with my Leica and on Fomapan Classic 100, probably taken around May or June last year.

11.jpg I completely forgot about this image and I’m ecstatic it came out so well, you may or may not be aware of just how badly I cope with focusing on a rangefinder (perhaps its the Leica itself that needs calibrating, who am I kidding it’s me). I was wandering along and stumbled across all these cool mopeds lined up in a row, the mods were obviously in town as there was a ton of these around and a bunch of guys sat in jackets smoking nearby.

12.jpg Who doesn’t love delicious donuts and waffles? Especially ones that describe themselves so accurately. I like the bold lighting and shadows here, this is what I’m not getting a lot of these days with my street photography, for obvious reasons that it’s January in Wales and the sun has gone into hibernation.

13.jpg Another image that has great contrast in light and shadow and another one I’m so happy came out the way it did. I love the big long and bold shadows behind the group of people walking away from us and the painfully strong light all around, so bright it’s shining off the pavement like the surface of the sun.