Un Giro D’Italia – Parte Tre: A Zine By Me

Hello everyone, long time no speak. I’ve been working on another small publication of my images that I created during my most recent trip around Italy in Spring of this year. I’m please to say it’s finally ready and is available to buy through my Etsy store.


The zine is 28 pages of medium format images taken mostly on Kodak Ektar but also some Portra using my trusty Yashica D and features scenes from Florence, Siena, Turin, Bologna, Parma, La Spezia and others. Because I’m nice there’s a little 5×5 print of the River Po flowing through Turin included too AND the postage is free to anywhere in the world.

So if you like my work why not do me a favour and buy a copy? 🙂


    1. That’s weird…..but of course you can Jim. I’ll send you a message on twitter or Instagram with a paypal link instead. Looks like I need to look into why Etsy would block people from purchasing though so thanks from bringing that to my attention.


      1. I don’t think I did anything wrong but it rejected my address. The one that I always use with Etsy. So strange.


      2. Really strange, especially as I have the settings specifically set to allow the item to be sent to both the US AND Everywhere else just to be sure it didn’t stop people all over the world seeing it. Anyway I have sent you the link to paypal in an Instagram message 🙂


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