Country Lane

Country Lane Agfa Vistaplus 200 f16 500th secWho doesn’t like the countryside? it’s sunny, it’s open, there’s no one around, it’s got fresh air and fresh…manure everywhere. In short me, I love the countryside. I’m not so keen on country lanes though, well not driving down one’s I’m unfamiliar with, since lo and behold someone will come barrelling down the road at you in the opposite direction and expect you to reverse the 5 miles backwards to the last passing place. My favourite thing about this particular lane though is it’s a dead end, so no one drives down it (except idiots, but I digress).

Taken on my Olympus Om-1n with 50mm lens on Agfa Vista Plus 200 at f16 1/500th sec. This is a lane that leads down to the beach in Monknash in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales, and this was taken as you can see on a gloriously sunny Summer’s day (yes we have those in Wales sometimes). I like this shot because of the vibrant colours, green and blue and the yellow lines leading off down the lane and into the distance down the hill.

I also like that it’s nothing more than a photograph of a generic lane that you could find anywhere in rural parts of the world, and because of that it reminds me and hopefully others of what going on holiday feels like, conjuring up memories of travelling down roads just like this to the beach, or a field, or the hills and mountains with your family and friends.

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