New Year Photography Resolutions

Once again I’m going to be setting myself some photography  based resolutions for the New Year, last year’s ones were “mostly” successful so hopefully these will be too.

Number One – Develop my own film.

Yes this is because of the drastic failure to do it last year (hence the “mostly” above). I have been meaning to develop my own film for ages but just have never got around to setting aside the time for it, hopefully with the new role I have in my job this will be freeing up a lot more weekends and mean that I’ll have less of an excuse to try it myself. Fingers cross that Labbox gets delivered soon as well since that will be a major catalyst for me to get this one crossed off the list.

Number Two – Create a Zine of my work.

OK this is a big cheat as some of you may be aware I’m actually planning and have been working on this already towards the end of the year BUT it is something I want and plan to do that I haven’t done before so I’m going to include it. More information about what I plan on doing will be coming your way shortly but if you already follow me on Instagram you probably know plenty.

Number Three – Try Large Format.

The most expensive and probably least likely to happen of these three, but I can plan for it can’t I? I’ve wanted to try shooting large format for some time but what’s probably got me very tempted now is watching a few YouTube channels that shoot a lot of large format, Borut Peterlin and Timothy Ditzler for example, and meeting Massimiliano of Bomm Cameras when I was in Italy in November as well since other than being an awesome guy, the cameras he hand makes are incredible. So 2018 may be the year I take the plunge.

So there we go again, another year beginning with some ideas on how to improve myself and try new things as a photographer. Not as many as the six I tried last year but I think one at least is pretty ambitious and one is very much something I have been planning to do for a while. What do you think? let me know in the comments.


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